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By proceeding with this authorization, you hereby authorize Peter A. Ryan, Attorney at Law, LLC, (the "firm") to charge the credit or debit card with the information you have provided, without additional signature or need for authorization, for the duration of our agreed upon payment plan as applicable. You acknowledge that the firm is not liable for delays or bank errors in the card processing. To the extent that the firm has already incurred costs or earned fees, you authorize the charge to be placed directly into the firm's operating account, and you recognize that all other charges, including prepayments, will be placed in the firm's Client Trust (IOLTA) Account for normal handling. I further recognize that I am responsible for all costs associated with payment by debit or credit card, including any penalties assessed against Peter A. Ryan, Attorney at Law, LLC due to problems with the processing of my credit or debit card. You further promise that the information you have provided is accurate and that you are an authorized signer on the card provided, or that an authorized signer has approved this transaction.
You also acknowledge that charges made for actual services performed by our office are non-refundable.
b: IOLTA-147
Bankruptcy Clients Disclaimer
Please note that we can not accept your credit card in order to pay your attorneys' fees for your bankruptcy filing. If you attempt to pay your attorneys' fees for your upcoming bankruptcy filing with one of your credit cards, we will reverse that charge and impose a $10.00 fee for that reversal. However, if any of your friends or family members (who are not filing a bankruptcy case) wish to pay for your attorneys' fees by using their credit card, we can process payment of your attorneys' fees through their credit card.
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